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It’s great when films are able to bring attention to subjects that perhaps we do not freely talk about, but are subject lines that need to be discussed. The trailer for Suffragette shows us the struggle that women went through in Britain, in their attempt to fight for gender equality and the basic right to vote. Ready to get your rally on?

Suffragettes Real

The film is said to focus on the foot soldiers of this battle, as opposed to the leader of the movement, Emmeline Pankhurst (Meryl Streep). She is depicted as a mythical leader that always seems to be from afar. There is focus on the Carrie Mulligan character, she is the centre of the story. This choice made by the directors and the filmmakers, to focus on the everyday lay woman, is clever, and fingers crossed, beneficial for the overall outcome of this important film.

suffragette still suffragette still

Equality between the genders is a subject that spans time itself, not only should we discuss it but everyone should take it seriously and not brush it off as a non-important issue. It is great to see that this film will shed some more light on did happen during those training times. It appears that this film will be tense and emotional, so I suggest you have your tissues handy. Who is excited about Suffragette? How do Feminists feel about this film?

suffragette still