The term “home movies” has never been more widespread than it is now. With the amount of streaming services, pay per view events, and home movie systems on the market, has the movie-going experience been sullied by the amount of options we have at home? Do we even need to venture out to the movie theater to get our dose of what the movies was really made for?

In many ways, the amount of movies out on general release has never been in ruder health, and this could be down to a shift to the old-school sensibilities of the 40’s and 50’s. I mean, La La Land, for all its supporters and detractors, is intended to be seen as the modern equivalent of the Singing In The Rains and The Jazz Singers, and was it a surprise that it has done as well as it has? The opening sequence alone, you can’t get that scale on your TV! On the other end of the spectrum is all the superhero-scale pictures spearheaded by Marvel and now with DC catching up, you are spoilt for choice! The sheer force of these pictures cannot be justified by pay per view. But what about the Netflix and Kodis of the world? The cost is slowly rising for streaming services, and the talent is going to TV, which has been abundantly clear for a while, and even Woody Allen got on the Netflix trail, albeit with less than satisfactory results! The amount of streaming services that are costly means that we are turning to streaming apps that are cheap, but with the same quality results. Give MovieBox a try and you’ll know why we love this app, the sheer amount of choice on this app is reflecting our hunger for quality movies, but with a fraction of the cost. This means that the movie experience needs to up its game!

What is going to happen to the movies? Francis Ford Coppola is supposedly working on a top-secret project to revolutionize the movie-going experience, and as the IMAX and 3-D movies are paving the way for the 4-D experience, it can only mean that the industry has to work harder to gain our custom. And in a time where the biggest movies have to earn a massive intake for it to be even considered for a sequel, that it’s time for the movie industry to drag us out of our armchairs. The other side of that equation is the nostalgic feeling we get from watching movies of our youth, which explains the amount of remakes, but is that all we get now? Remake after remake? This is probably why Damien Chazelle is trying to shift the balance back to the classics of yesteryear, to remind us what made the movies so special in the first place. It seems to happen in cycles, and with the dip in the middle of the 80’s caused by VHS made the industry focus its efforts much harder, we are quite possibly seeing a new resurgence for the film industry.