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We can blame Marvel for the phrase and concept, Cinematic Universe, the premise that a variety of films can coexist within the same atmosphere, with the idea that these films have consequences on each other, and most important, it would seem, to Marvel, that the characters in this universe, will one day indeed meet up! Perhaps the most critical culmination of this concept is the film, Captain America: Civil War, so are you ready? Let’s have a look at how you can be ready, how you can prepare properly for this milestone in cinema history.

Civil War is set to be released on April 28th (Australia) and May 6th (USA), and if you’re going to do this properly, the time to prepare is now! So, I strongly advise you to cancel all plans, take time off work, and let your family and friends know that you are going to be MIA for a while. This is crucial, if you are truly dedicated to this and plan on doing it right. You will need an Internet connection, television, or some form of display, reading capacity and plenty of coffee.

comic Source Material – After all, this is a Captain America film, so technically the main character is Captian America, although Iron Man, a massive favorite will probably take a lot of the limelight, and for some peculiar reason, the actual universe of people, seem very excited to see Spider-Man in this film, which if you think about it, makes no sense, considering Spider-Man has never been a part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. A survey was completed by some reputable organization that told us that 9 out of 10 people think there aren’t enough characters already in the MCU. In fact a lot of the people surveyed requested that TV characters from the MCU also be unleashed into the main movies. Anyway, what were we talking about? Oh, yes, the source material. So if you’re going to be ready, start reading the original Captain America comics, in particular the Civil War issues. True preparatory measure will mean that you source hard copies of these volumes and read tangibly.

Movie and TV – You will need to watch the first 12 films of the MCU to get truly ready for the 13th installment. I can not stress more, how important this really is. It is essential to understand that this film is the beginning of Phase 3 in the MCU, where Phase 1 was the gathering of the Avengers, and Phase 2 an expansion of the universe, Phase 3 will be the disassembling of The Avengers, but still see further expansion to the universe. In addition there are the interwoven TV series that bathe in the glory of these films, presenting us with essential easter eggs and at time lavish cameos. You can not overlook the impact that these TV series have on the films, after all they too are considered canonical in the MCU. All in all, the culminating runtime for all the movies and television shows is 122hours and 26minutes, that is 5 full days 2 hours and 26 minutes. And here lies a pivotal point, you must sit through the credits, so that you do not miss out on all the cornerstone post-credit scenes, that reveal key clues to understanding the MCU as a whole.

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Fan Fare – Don’t you love the Internet? It connects people. It connects true fans of the MCU. If you are to fully understand and indeed survive the magnitude of this ordeal, you will need the support of like minded fans. There will be times when you will feel like quitting, there will be times when you are left scratching your head, not knowing what to think. It is at these times, when you must turn to the Internet and search for the answers found in the numerous forums and fan-made blogs. Further enhancing your preparation will be the fact that when you do connect with other MCU fans, chances are you may experience your own form of online ‘civil war’, when there are things you can’t agree on. What better way could there be to get ready, properly, for Captain America: Civi War?

So, how ready will you be?

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