Have you always wanted to work in the film industry?
Maybe you’ve always thought that you were made for the limelight. Or perhaps you fancy yourself in a role behind the camera?
No matter how you want to work in the film industry, you need to ensure that you find the right role for you to break out in. Here are some of the most common jobs in the film biz, and how you can bag yourself that dream job.

Have you always thought that “I could do that” to yourself whenever you watch the latest Hollywood blockbuster? Well, you could if you became an actor! The traditional path to acting is to join a drama school where you can practice your skills. Hopefully, you will attract the eye of an agent who can then hook you up with some of the hottest auditions in town. Don’t want to be a leading lady? Then why not start off as an extra and then work your way up to the main roles once you have built some confidence.

Voiceover Artist
If you like the idea of acting, but aren’t too keen about the whole world knowing who you are, you can just put your voice skills to good use. Adverts use male and female voiceover actors to narrate the story in the commercial, and particularly good voice over actors are used in animated TV shows and movies. It’s a good idea to join a drama and theater school as there will be plenty of people there who can connect you to people in the voiceover industry.

Camera Person
The camera people are the ones who film a TV show or movie and sort out any technical issues with the cameras. It’s a good idea to get some experience under your belt before you start applying for these kinds of roles, so you might want to volunteer on community projects and small-budget projects. There are also lots of university programs that can open up this kind of career, such as media production courses.

It’s also worth taking a media production course if you want to eventually become a director. A media studies course would also help you land this kind of job. However, formal education isn’t always required for a role in this type of work, and not many of today’s directors have been to university. It’s a good idea to try and gain experience in various areas of filmmaking, though, from scriptwriting to production design as all of these skills are needed by directors. It’s even possible to become a director after being one of the roles mentioned above. For example, lots of actors find it easy to become directors as they have a lot of the knowledge and experience of working in film, TV, and theater required to be a director.
So, how will you break out into the world of film and TV? Trying to make it in the film biz sure can be competitive, but perseverance and hard work will definitely pay off!