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godzilla 1954 posterCups of sweat had to be poured out of the original Godzilla suit. The performer inside the now iconic and famous suit was Haruo Nakajima. The design team wanted to make this the most realistic looking suit ever, and they forgot that an actual person was going to have to be able to walk around in this thing they were building. Turns out that the first suit would weigh about 200 pounds or just over 90 killos, thats insane! Thankfully enough it was cut back to a more ‘accommodating’ size.

godzilla suit

Godzilla’s roar was created by rubbing a coarse resin coated leather glove up and gown the strings of a double bass, and then reverberated, once the sound had been recorded. His footsteps were the sounds of a kettle drum beaten by a knotted rope. What amazes me is the vision that the Toho company had to have to even make this work. Japan was not known for making special effects movies, and many mocked the idea behind Godzilla. The Toho company nearly went bankrupt because not only were they producing, what would become the most expensive japanese film ever, but they also had another legendary film going too, Seven Samurai.

When you first see Godzilla appear, mixed with the electric score, and his thunderous roar it is truly a sight to behold, this is a still, but it does not do justice to this amazing cinematic masterpiece moment!

godzilla first appears

The Toho company vision, as well as Director’s Ishiro Honda did pay off! Godzilla was an instant success and it would be the birth of the biggest movie franchise ever, even by hollywood standards! While I’m on the subject of franchises, the recent Gareth Edwards Godzilla movie, has re-ignited talk that the Toho company is going to make a new Godzilla comeback movie! Thats exciting! It will be the 29th Toho company produced Godzilla film. Back to Gojira, it was nominated for Best Picture at the Japanese Academy Awards, along with Seven Samurai, but the latter took the ultimate prize. Having said that, Gojira was the only Godzilla movie to ever be nominated for Best Picture, it did win Best Visual Effect, though.

On his 50th birthday, Godzilla became permanently etched as a part of Hollywood, with his very own Hollywood Plaque! Here Here!

Godzilla Walk of Fame

hollywood godzilla plaque

The story of the original Gojira is very inspiring, because it demonstrated that if we have a vision, against all odds, if we really want it to become reality, it can be done. I hope that Gojira can inspire you to, and if you’re keen, there are, as I mentioned earlier, 28 different Godzilla movies, take your pick!

TRIVIA COOKIE: Legend has it that Director Ishiro Honda and cast member Eiji Tsuburaya were at the observation deck on one of Tokyo’s skyscrapers discussing the path of Godzilla’s destruction, when some people over heard the discussion and become concerned. The authorities detained them and questioned them.