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There are plenty of WW2 movies that dig deeper into the emotions of war, than what Fury does. David Ayer makes an attempt to involve our feelings with a ‘moving’ score and by adding Biblical quotes to his shallow script, but missing the mark by a long shot. In short Fury, tanks.

Inglorious Bastards on wheels? Saving Private Ryan knock off? I really didn’t see the objective of this film, it wasn’t even entertaining. Perhaps if the characters had been explored a bit more? I’d like to hear from people that enjoyed this film, and why?

Having said all that negativity, there are some positives. The visual aspects of this film are dirty and rugged, making for a very dark color palette, be-fitting to the darkness of war. In addition, the ‘star-wars’ inspired shooting effects were decent, and the sound editing was clean.

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In attempts to add to the realism of war, many of the outfits were based on real exhibits acquired from museums around the world, plus it features the only functional Tiger 1 tank, from the Bovington Tank Museum. Additionally some of the cast member added their individual realism to the film, for example, Shia LeBeouf, ‘Bible’, as he is nicknamed in the film, pulled out his own tooth and didn’t shower for the duration of filming! Also the cut that ‘Bible’ has on his face was real, Shia would re-cut it each time he felt an additional layer of realism was required, insane!

Brad Pitt said about filming Fury: “No rations, no showers and we were sleeping in the rain. It was miserable, but we loved it.” I do appreciate the level of commitment from the cast and dictatorial methods of David Ayer, but the script fails to deliver.

TRIVIA COOKIE: David Ayer had the cast fight each other on set before shooting scenes to tighten their bond.