Listen to our weekly podcast, to get the latest scoops on movie trailers, movie news and be sure to listen out for some movie recommendations. What are the coming sequels, remakes, re-boots, and what are the most exciting movie news items? Be sure to check out the show and listen out for the following special mentions:

Equals, the next big thing for Kristen Stewart, maybe…

The Nice Guys (Red Band Trailer), David’s highest anticipated film of the year!

Creator, an ultra obscure 1985 film.

Wild Target, an underrated Emily Blunt film.

Avatar 2, 3, 4 and now 5!

Komla, the Daisy Ridley and J J Abrams bond continues!

Guess what J.A Bayona is going to be directing!?

The Twilight Zone lives on, and to be adapted into some bizarre live-action interactive film…

equals poster