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I hadn’t heard good things about Foxcatcher, from some of my friends. I wasn’t sure what to expect when I watched it. But, in short, I was pleasantly surprised. It’s a quiet film, deliberately quiet. It’s an intriguing film, and the director, Bennet Miller, wants us to be intrigued, he cleverly peppers us with tiny clues, details, but nothing will prepare you for what’s to come! I was left speechless. If you don’t know the real life story that has inspired Foxcatcher, then you’re in for a real shock! And if you don’t want to spoil it for yourself, don’t look it up, and don’t let anyone else spoil it for you!

What I love about this film is the true dedication that was given by all involved, as an example, apparently Channing Tatum (Mark Shultz) and Mark Ruffalo (David Shultz) would film the whole day, then go to intensive wrestling training (the movie is about the US wrestling team between 1984-1988). By the end of the day they would be both so exhausted that they would often cry due to the intensity! Steve Carell, who deserves the Oscar for this role, if he wins, also studied video footage of Jon duPont for hours, he said he “watched as much as I could, I read as much as I could about him and tried to get semblance about the type of person he was.”

I had reservations about watching Steve Carell in such a role, especially with the seemingly exaggerated prosthetics, but I was astounded at his performance. He is unbelievably unreadable, cold, still, just such a mystery to watch, even now I feel like I know nothing about the character! But I believe that the director wants us to do our own research, perhaps? I was motivated to find out more about the real story behind Foxcatcher, and I am now aware of this amazing story only because of Foxcatcher. When cinema achieves a specific goal, such as this one, it proves once more how powerful a tool cinema really is, and I just wish that more directors would have clear objective when they begin a project, and a clear message, what do you think?

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Turns out Foxcatcher has been “in-the-making” for a considerable amount of time, some of the earlier stages of production called for actors such as Heath Ledger (R.I.P), Ryan Gosling and Bill Nighy in the lead roles. Eventually it has come to fruition and its a solid film. If you can look past Steve Carell as a comedian, Channing as a stripper, Ruffalo as the Hulk, then you’re in for a treat!

Slow digesting, but hits like a punch! Subtle photography, subtle score, but often, in-your-face performances. Watch this film with commitment, and you’ll find that the reward is worth it!

TRIVIA COOKIE: The large glasses that Mark Ruffalo wears in the film are the actual glasses owned by the real David Shultz.

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