The truth is out there! Conspiracy theories have never been quite as popular as they are nowadays. There’s a worldwide effort to make you believe the Earth isn’t actually flat. We’re led by a race of reptile aliens in human suits. Pyramids are spaceships. Those are some of the more fun theories out there. But trying to deal with real conspiracies always ends up infuriating, especially online. If you’re feeling subversive, what movies might tickle those suspicious urges of yours?


It might not exactly be about a conspiracy itself, but rather the rule of a state that has long had the population under the thumb of Big Brother, an oppressive government that sees everything you do and maybe even everything you think. Of course, in today’s political climate, people are more and more keen to throw ‘Orwellian’ around to describe all kinds of laws and organizations. April 4th of this year saw the film screening at more than a hundred theaters crammed with people standing for the values of free speech against a world where ‘doublespeak’ seems to be becoming more of a reality.

The Conspiracy

The idea of a world order comprised of some of the most influential and wealthy people in the world isn’t new. But that doesn’t mean that it doesn’t make for a fantastic subject to discover. All the best conspiracy fiction has a basis of truth, and The Conspiracy, filmed in the faux documentary style, seems to have just the right amount. It portrays the descent of two filmmakers into a world of debauchery, corruption and power clearly inspired by popular characterizations of the real life (and oh-so-secretive) Bohemian Grove and the Bilderberg Group.

Steal This Film

We always thought that the way technology would turn on us would be through the rise of Skynet. Sometimes, however, the truth is much more fascinating than fiction. The loss of privacy on the internet is no new concern, and since the 2006 release of Steal This Film and it’s sequel, we’re seeing more and more of our browsing habits putting us in the crosshairs of a group of privileged controllers. Definitely best watched with a private VPN like those at Secure Thoughts keeping in the spirit of the film. It’s enough to make you reconsider just how you use the internet and how many people can see every single site you’re visiting.

They Live

A rather on-the-nose look at capitalism gone wild and yuppies taken into a fantastic sci-fi romp, including wrestling legend Rowdy Roddy Piper, They Live perhaps has a lot more subtext to explore even after you’re done watching. Particularly given the depressingly common conspiracy that we’re being ruled by a class of aliens in human skin just like the villains of the movie. Director John Carpenter has shot down these subtextual readings, especially since they’ve been co-opted by some less than savory online groups. But the look at subliminal messaging, influencing the public at the behest of a controlling power remains just as powerful as it was when They Live was first released.

The four films are well worth a ponder more than just a casual viewing. There’s plenty of subtext to dig into and a long rabbit hole to fall down for those who just feel like a conspiracy binge.