lee van cleef

With close to 15 years into his acting career, Lee Van Cleef was ready to quit and try another art form, that of painting. But, ‘fate’ would have it other-wise, it was at this very crucial turning point that this rugged and mean looking face, would be cast for a role in the second Dollars trilogy instalment, For a Few Dollars More. Only used to playing small roles in other westerns and a host of TV shows, he himself was bedazzled when he learnt that his character would actually be the co-star next to the poncho wearing Clint Eastwood.

This movie made Lee Van Cleef a superstar in Europe and virtually resurrected his career in the US, and aren’t we glad that it did, because he also went on to co-star in the third and final instalment of the Dollars trilogy, in which he played The Bad. I must admit that I am happy that things worked out the way that they did for Lee, because I believe that he made his mark in cinema, and I am not entirely sure if he would have made his mark as a painter, but perhaps he would have, I guess that we won’t really ever know that, now, but I’m grateful that we can watch his work, as an actor, in all its glory of 1080p HD. Enough of my ramblings! Film Munchers, what can we chew on from this film?

Again, the score is even more refined and appropriate, the editing is a marvel to watch, every edit is essential, and you can really feel that Sergio is using every tool available to him to build and build up a scene, so as to create the right moment for that life and death determining gun-shot.

Every single one hundred and thirty second minute is pure movie-making art. Sergio Leone, with his insanely adequate team bring together a cinema marvel. Take a bite of For a Few Dollars More, and see if you can’t eat it all up!

TRIVIA COOKIE: As the movie begins, before the credits commence, the whistling that can be heard is actually Sergio Leone himself.