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If there is a documentary that you plan to watch this year, please let it be Finding Vivian Maier. It is such a compelling and inspiring story. It’s a story that will move you emotionally and also move you to action, move you to feel passion toward your own hobbies or creative outlets. The story of Vivian Maier needs to be heard and seen by all, because it is the freshest immortalisation of an artist. Vivian Maier is the artist. John Maloof is the presenter, and he has earned himself, along with his co-director Charlie Siskel, an Oscar nomination.

john maloof

The beautiful thing about this documentary feature is that the story is king, the personality being discovered is the journey, therefore the presenter simply presents, in a very simple and coherent manner, the editing and film-making techniques are not Wes Andersonian or mind-blowing, but they are simplistic, because they are simply a tool to present this wonderful story.

vivian maier clown vivian maier mickey mouse kid vivian maier kids

I can not express how much I loved this presentation. I felt a number of emotions, sadness, inspiration, anger, but most of all it made me feel joy, joy at knowing that the story of Vivian Maier is being told, and her work is being seen and admired. I hope that artistically her work is soon recognised and accepted into the canon of street photography.

vivian maier

vivian maier case

vivian maier reflection

I’m sure that you’ll be recommending this to your friends and family, I know that I will be! This here is my favourite photo thus far, there are so many that I’ve yet to see, I think, the world has yet to see!

gone with the wind vivian maier

You will feel as if you’re in an investigation story, going along for the ride, trying to learn and find out as much as possible about this ‘mystery woman’. It will be a wonderful 83 minutes. Nourishing to the senses and stimulating to the mind. I won’t be surprised if we see a movie adaption soon. Do your self a favour and find Vivian Maier!

TRIVIA COOKIE: Just 3 months after the initial release of Finding Vivian Maier, a second documentary about her was release by Jill Nicholls, The Vivian Maier Mystery.