It surely feels like yesterday that we were talking about the genius that was last year’s Pixar blockbuster Inside Out, and yet here we are at the brink of yet another Pixar film! Who is excited? Admittedly, the most recent offering from Pixar, The Good Dinosaur did feel flat in parts, but there is a sense of positively in the air when it comes to the much anticipated or not sequel to Finding Nemo, Finding Dory. So, are you ready?

We do know that the story is going to take place 1 year from the events of Finding Nemo, so if you were hoping for a massive leap, like that of Toy Story 2 into Toy Story 3, well, that’s not happening this time. The creators have decided that the actual time gap from 2003 to 2016 is to be ignored, which kind of makes sense, considering the main characters of this now franchise are fish, and I don’t think fish live that long, or maybe they do!? Is this going to be another genius piece from Pixar or are we really going to get another Cars 2? There is a lot to live up to, with the massive love and adoration that Finding Nemo got, it’s really going to have to be an amazing film, if people are going to be caught saying, “it’s better than the first one.”

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Interestingly, we also know that there will be a series of flashbacks used as the vehicle to telling the story, but according to Andrew Staton, creator and director, they aren’t really flash backs in the conventional sense, because, they are memories being recalled by Dory, for the first time, a bit like Christopher Nolan’s Memento. Effectively the audience and Dory, the protagonist, will be experiencing the story first hand, at the same time, which is kind of unique in it’s own way. I honestly think there is going to be lots of emotional moments in this film, and to be truly ready, you’ll probably need to invest in some decent tissues for your cinema outing.

It’s shaping up to be a big year for animated films! Who will lead the box offices in 2016? Already we’ve seen Disney pump out a super blockbuster, namely Zootopia, making it one of the highest grossing original films of all time, only second to Avatar. Although Finding Dory won’t be technically an original film, because it is a sequel, chances are, it is going to gross in a huge wad of cash. Even though Finding Nemo’s worldwide box office figure was just shy of $1 Billion, a huge figure for 2003, there is little doubt that Finding Dory is going to blast through the much coveted $1 Billion mark, but we shall see.

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