— fifty shades of grey —

dakota johnson and jamie dornan

Some things are best left to imagination. With over 100 million copies of the book sold, Fifty Shades of Grey is indelibly marked into society and culture. With every successful book, it seems, that the film industry, must, cash in. Cash in they have! With an alleged $248 Million at the worldwide box-office for its opening weekend, it is the highest grossing film, this year, so far, and it is the 21st highest cash racking in movie history.

This is a clear example, that a film doesn’t have to be good, to be successful. Fifty Shades of Grey can hardly be called a good movie. The script could have been clearly written by any average literature student in high school, nothing stellar about it. Jamie Dornan does not give us a convincing performance as Christian Grey. Dakota Johnson’s performance seems to hold our attention for a while, but it is unfortunate that there is no on-screen chemistry between the two ‘lovers’. And, at times their acting is simply, over-acting. Having said that, actors can only work with what they’re given, and if a sprit miserably fails them, it’s not entirely their fault.

fifty shades of grey empty

The music selected for this movie is probably the best thing about the movie, and the worst thing about this movie, at the same time. A crucial scene towards the end of the film plays the track, ‘Does That Hurt’ by Danny Elfman. As you Film Munchers know, music in films is often used to stir emotions. The scene and this track, put together, just don’t match. If you’ve seen the film, you’ll know how important this scene is. If you haven’t, you’ll know when the scene starts, its the most shocking scene in the movie, more shocking than some of the cheesy lines.

Important issues are raised by this film. Does Fifty Shades of Grey accurately portray BDSM? Does Fifty Shades of Grey promote machismo? Does Fifty Shades of Grey empower women? Does Fifty Shades of Grey glorify domestic abuse? I think that if a film dares to tread dangerously close to the fines lines of what is ‘good’ and ‘bad’, it is worthy of discussion. Freedom of Speech permits films like these to be screened, but will we use our Freedom of Speech to speak up about these issues in retaliation? We must, it is imperative that we as a society speak up, especially with pivotal subject lines, as these, otherwise, society will continue to fade spasmodically into the grey.

So Film Munchers, Fifty Shades of Grey would have been best left to the imagination of readers. As a film, it fails technically and ethically. If Fifty Shades of Grey raises question regarding equality, let us provide the answer, and boycott a sequel!

Not that you need to see it again:

TRIVIA COOKIE: It only took, every member of the cast, five days to learn their lines. For a 125 minute runtime movie, thats impressive! Or, the script is just so plain and uncomplicated…