Short films can be very powerful and an effective way of telling a story. I am a fan of Pixar movies, who isn’t? And most of you would know that with every Pixar feature, we are treated with a fresh short film before the commencement of the main film. Well, Disney was known to do that many many years ago, and it seems that they are up to it again, and I hope they keep it up! I went to the cinema with my family to watch Big Hero 6 (I’m planning to write a review on it next) and we were pleasantly surprised at the additional film we got to munch on, by the name of Feast. Put simply, Feast is genius. I know that a short film and a full length film aren’t to be compared with each other, but can I just say that I enjoyed Feast more than I did Big Hero 6? Its simple, fun, energetic, adorable and so deep in emotion. Its a celebration of food, life and love. Please feast on Feast!

TRIVIA COOKIE: Creator Patrick Osborne drew his initial inspiration from an App called 1secondeveryday, the App allows you to create a film by taking a 1 second clip everyday, and then pasting it all together. He took a 1 second clip of every meal he ate in 2012. Watch Feast, and this will make more sense..