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Fantastic Mr. Fox is well, cussing fantastic! After The Grand Budapest Hotel’s success at the Oscars, I was motivated to check out some of genius, Wes Anderson’s other films. Fantastic Mr. Fox was a film I’d heard about a lot, but had not actually watched it, so watch I did, and oh boy, what an amazing production!

Wes Anderson owns books, and the story goes that the very first book that he owned was a copy of Roald Dahl’s, Fantastic Mr. Fox, his mother bought it for him when he was only seven years old, and till this day he has kept that very same copy on his shelf. How many people can say that they still own the very first book they owned? This fact is a touching one, and perhaps thats why there is no other director out there suited better than Wes Anderson to do an adaption of this novel. In short his adaption is pure beauty.

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I can not imagine how extensive and laborious a task it would be to make a stop-animation film of this sort. To illustrate, 535 puppets where used in the production, and 102 of those puppets are various variations of the main protagonist, Mr. Fox. The only way this film was able to be completed within about 4 years was the fact that they used a number of teams, to do the shooting simultaneously. In total the film consists of 56,000 shots, this is totally wow! The result is a visual feast!

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Other senses are affected by this masterpiece, other than our eyes, the score and music is delightful, so much so that it received an Oscar nomination for Best Original Score. It’s also worth mentioning that this film was also nominated for Best Animated Feature, and lost only to the equally as masterful UP!

I was touched by this film, it has a genuineness about it, and a number of beautiful messages. It’s a feel good movie. My favourite moment is when Mr. Fox, well, I have a couple of favourite moments, the first is when Mrs. Fox says about Mr. Fox. “we’re all different, especially him. But there’s something fantastic about that, isn’t there?” This quote embodies the true theme behind this beautiful tale, and its that we are all individuals, and we all have something truly fantastic about us, and when we all group together we can accomplish amazing things. This is a wonderful outlook to have in life, perhaps more of us would get along!

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Another exquisite moment is when Mr. Fox see’s the Wolf. We learn that through-out the film that he has a fear of wolves. When he see’s the wolf from a distance, he says “what a beautiful creature”, as a tear swells in his eyes, and the elegant score reaches a crescendo, this is the moment when we feel the most, as Film Munchers, we’re told another beautiful message, that its wonderful and fulfilling to be able to face our fears, and when we do, we can experience true liberty.

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Wes Anderson fan or not, this is a wonderful production, and a must see for all my fellow Film Munchers our there!

TRIVIA COOKIE: One of the newspapers in the film features a “Bandit Hat Sale”, the text that surrounds this is the original Mr. Fox story. It’s these intricate details that make this film a truly artistic piece.

fantastic mr fox still