— enemy —

enemy poster Enemy is a film that you will most likely have to watch twice, to fully understand it. Director Denis Villeneuve is not one to take on light subject matter. Enemy is not a light film, which is surprising, considering its only 90 minutes long. Enemy is dark and suspenseful, it’s also encouraging us to think deeply about it.

enemy still Spiders are a recurring theme in the film. So much does Denis Villeneuve want us to think about this, that the cast have signed a confidentially agreement that doesn’t allow them to speak and/or explain the meaning of spiders in the film. Denis runs the risk here, of excluding passive film watchers from understanding it, therefore narrowing his target audience. It’s almost as if he made this film with the intention of providing some deep and meaningful for those that truly want to dig a little deeper and gain enlightenment. The result is that Enemy has received mixed reviews, and generally people will watch it and ‘not get it’, and therefore, not like it, or people will want to get it, and appreciate the artistry of it.

enemy still enemy still Jake Gyllenhaal, again, delivers a performance that only he can deliver. He has the ability to convey emotion and feeling, without saying much, you quickly get a sense of how his character is feeling. It’s a delight to watch him play two people in the same film. This is a must watch film for all Jake fans!

enemy still The colour palette of this film, gives you the senses that something is wrong, its almost a sickening colour, very pale and muggy. Along with this, the score is very foreboding, but enjoyable to listen too. You really have to be in the mood for this film, and I believe that you have to be willing to make the commitment to think about it, after the credits roll. The director has peppered the film with small hints and clues, that help you in the deciphering process. I dare you to watch Enemy is attempt to solve the mystery!

denis villeneuve Enemy is a clever film, with multi-faceted elements of mystery and intrigue. Turn the bass up, and give your sub-woofer a workout. Who is the Enemy?

TRIVIA COOKIE: This film was completed before Denis Villeneuve’s Prisoners, but released after it.