christopher johnson

I want to start off, by saying that District 9 is one of my favourite movies of all time! In my top 10 easy.

It was mid-afternoon in Veracruz, Mexico, the sky had a warm orange glow. My brother and I had just finished watching District 9, at one of the local cinemas, and as we walked out we looked at each other, we were literally speechless. The film had just made such an unbelievable impression, so strong an impression that we were almost fully convinced that what we had just seen was truth, reality, and not Sci-Fi. Till this day we still refer to that elation, that wow feeling, as “the District 9 feeling!” In addition, when I watched D9 for the first time with my wife, coincidentally, it was mid-afternoon too, we napped together after the film. And again, till this day, that best nap ever is referred to as “the District 9 nap!”

Some of you may know that the movie was inspired by a short film, also made by the same director, Niell Blomkamp. I’ve got the link for the short film here below, Alive in Joburg, its worth seeing. Now actor Shartlo Copley, was not interested in acting as a career until Niell Blomkamp, long time good friend, insisted on using him for the star role in District 9. Sharlto’s debut performance in D9 is his best performance to date, he hasn’t been able to top it, in my opinion.

What makes D9 so impactful is the realism of it. It’s a ‘documentary-style’ film, well most of it is, and its done in such a believable way, in fact it was the very first ‘documentary-style’ film to ever be nominated for Best Picture at the Oscars. It didn’t win, but I guess that just goes to show what calibre of film were taking about here. A lot of the shacks in the film are real, a lot of the weaponry is real, and when this Sci-Fi calls for CGI, it presents a good balance of realism and fantasy. These are some of my favourite shots in the film:

spaceship above south africa

armoured suit

sharlto copley transforming

We have Peter Jackson to thank for, because he literally gave 30 Million to Niell Blomkamp, after the infamous Halo project fell through, and as a result D9 was born. There is talk of a District 9 sequel, and this is actually a sequel I want to see, anybody back me up on this? The story is genius, and as you get yourself involved with the main character of the film, you really start to feel for him, as well as for the ‘prawn’. I must also add, that, the music coupled with this beautiful cinematographic piece is elegant and deep.

Chappie is Niell Blomkamp’s next project, I hope its more on par with District 9, than with his latest work, Elysium.


District 9 is a must see. It’s raw and in your face, its a Sci-Fi masterpiece. ‘Prawns’ at their best!

TRIVIA COOKIES: The language that the aliens speak, clicking sounds, were created by rubbing a pumpkin.

Six different endings were created during filming. (in my opinion, the ending they eventually chose is awesome)