The scene above is one of my personal favourite scenes in the movie. Its a very clever piece of cinema, with scrumptious dialogue and clever and honest wit from both Spencer Tracey and Katherine Hepburn.

As many of you may know, this on screen and off screen couple made nine films together, and this is their eighth, I say ‘is’ because the film has a freshness and inspiring modernness to it, that it feel like the movie ‘is’ in the now!

The story is simple, but the characters are deep and full of goodness. The chemistry between the two protagonists is profound, and in reality it doesn’t seem as of they are acting, and it is my personal belief that that is exactly the case with this lovely couple!

What is uninspiring is that the movie didn’t receive much recognition in its year, which may not come as a surprise since 1957 was a huge year for film, with The Bridge on the River Kwai taking the top honour of best picture, and not to mention 12 Angry Men, and A Witness for The Prosecution, and An Affair to Remember, AND the list goes on of great films for that year. I just wish this great Romantic Comedy would have received more recognition, for it is a great picture!

TRIVIA COOKIE: In the christmas party scene, Mike Cutler, Bunny Watson’s flirtatious friend, gives her a plush bunny rabbit as a gift, and Bunny refers to it as ‘Harvey’. Harvey was a 1950 film about a tall imaginary bunny rabbit, in which Jimmy Stewart starred in.

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