darth maul apprentice poster

T7 Productions should have been put in charge of making Star Wars Episode I, and their latest short film is proof enough! Darth Maul was truly a menace, but his screen time was so short lived, that a lot of Star Wars fans have always questioned why he was killed off so quickly. Other fans have been moved to take matters in their own hands, and that is exactly what Shawn Bu has done.

darth maul still

There is a clear disclaimer at the beginning of this short, stating that it is not part of Star Wars canon, nor is it for profit, but something does tell me that Disney and LucasFilms are hard at work, legally speaking to get this stunning short off YouTube, so please make sure you check it out before it gets taken down. For the sake of the amazing work that T7 Productions have done, I pray it stays up and gets millions of more hits!

darth maul still

Marvel if you must at the great cinematography, the convincing choreography and the not so shabby costume and production designs. What got me was how great the lightsabers look, and did they actually get Ray Park to reprise his role?



So, if you’re in the business of making movies, and you need a production company that has the Force on their side, just check out the T7 Productions guys, I am sure they will be useful. Check it out right here: