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Laura Poitras is an inspirational woman! She has guts! This documentary feature is a must see. Again, if you going to watch a documentary this year, let it be Citizenfour, you will not be disappointed.

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Edward Snowden is not the subject matter here, it is our privacy. The relevant nature of this issue, makes this documentary even more, a must watch film, because its subject matter inevitably affects all of us! This is crucial. Citenzenfour is an eye-opener, it is our responsibility to at least watch it, and be aware. What we chose to do with the information presented, is up to us, but we owe it to the people behind this phenomenal story to at least listen.

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Laura Poitras explains in the outset that this film is the third instalment to a trilogy telling the United States story, post 9/11. The other 2 instalments are My Country, My Country, which was also nominated for Best Documentary Feature in 2006, but didn’t win, and The Oath, a 2010 film.

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What makes this feature so compelling, is that we get the opportunity to witness history being made, and once you realise, what is going on, you will be in shock and awe. The events taking place are very fresh, and very relevant indeed. Let us just say that you will not be able to look at your computer the same, you mobile device, or anything connected to the internet. The scope that Citenzenfour covers is international, and far-reaching, and from the closing scene, it is truly clear, that this isn’t over.

Our Privacy and freedom to express our opinion are basic human rights. If these are violated by those that we have appointed as our leader, then society as we know it, will crumble, and we can no longer truly call ourselves a democracy. I am grateful for the sacrifice that Edward Snowden has made on our behalf, I know now, that his motives are genuine, and thanks to Citezenfour we can visually see this, we are invited inside his hotel room in Hong Kong, were it all goes down, wow.

Citezenfour is a serious meal.

TRIVIA COOKIE: A second documentary feature is in the works entitled, Snowden’s Great Escape. It is said to feature two new interviews with Snowden, from Moscow.