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I am not sure exactly how to start writing this review, because the least I say about this documentary, the better, it’s one of those doco’s that really needs to be seen to be believed. So, without further a due, watch Catfish, its an insane story!

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If this documentary film was relevant in 2010, it’e even more relevant today. The Internet is showing no sign of slowing down, and therefore the way people use the Internet is important. Catfish is very much a film about the Internet and it’s influence on life and even emotions. We can all attest to the effect that a positive comment we see on our Blog/Facebook/Instagram can have on us, more often than not, such attention will make us smile, it will involve our emotional makeup. These are some of the subject lines that we come across in this wild doco.

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Yaniv Schulman, Ariel Shulman and Henry Joost are the masterminds behind this compelling and gripping story. The experience for Yaniv Schulman was particularly impactful and influencial that it led to him participating in a follow up TV series entitled Catfish: The TV Show. Telling you what the TV show is about might be revealing a little too much, so just trust me, you want to see this documentary!

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I stumbled across this documentary on the SBS on Demand app, and I was fortunate enough to enjoy it spoiler free, and I was uncomfortably surprised. I wasn’t too sure what I should be feeling. The story is fun to watch, and the bouncy happy ‘score’ gives you a sense of joy, but the unfolding story slowly but surely starts to usher emotions more a kin to fear and uneasiness. Let’s just say that the conclusion to this story was enough for my eyes to swell up!

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So if you’re a FilmMuncher that hasn’t seen this doco, please don’t go and research it just yet! Since I’ve seen it, and loved it, I was inclined to do a little research. I found some interesting controversy surrounding Catfish, so hopefully that is enough to whet your appetite! Crazy true story, controversy, emotional ride, what’s not to love about this?

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Catfish available for purchase here.

TRIVIA COOKIE: In addition to the said “controversy”, this documentary, although very successful at the box office will reportedly never make a profit, since it is facing two lawsuits regarding it’s use of certain music, that wasn’t properly credited. Darn it!

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