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After hopping onto the Marvel band-wagon, I had the highest hopes for this movie, or any Marvel movie for that matter. Usually, I’d walk out of the cinema, in absolute shock and awe of the last 2 hour cinematic experience. Instead, I was disappointed. Like most movie enthusiasts, I hung out to watch the trailer which I wish I could somehow undo watching. It’s a massive spoiler.

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Straight off the bat, the storyline seems rushed and gives you a sense that it’s been produced merely as another edition to the franchise, a filler really. Like a ‘filler’ episode of a TV series, except this is quite possibly the greatest movie franchise of all time and shouldn’t really be compiled of ‘fillers’.

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Don’t get me wrong , the fight scenes are incredibly choreographed but the filming of most battle sequences are way too close and overdone. Scenes throughout the movie are drawn out and long-winded, not for emotional gain or purpose but for the building of a certain grandeur in drama, that just isn’t required. It’s an action movie, not a soapy.

The Marvel way, has swayed to a much larger audience which requires the use of humour and innuendo, to maintain excitement and fun with your friends or family, while you watch. Unfortunately, Winter Soldier has missed the mark, not on purpose but they certainly forgot one particularly vital ingredient, that is, Iron Man. Or Robert Downey Jr. I feel like a Marvel movie without Stark, is a “no fly zone”.

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There also seems to be an overload of throw-in actors, such as Robert Redford and Emily VanCamp, who are tremendous actors in their own realm but seem to have been used to increase the movie’s reputation or interests to a broader audience.

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In case you were wondering if there was an upside to this review, there is. As the film progresses, your attention levels increase as you become more and more curious about the relationships between certain characters. At times Captain America comes across as being weak and volnerable which doesn’t happen very often, as he’s a mammoth of a man who’s mostly smashing the heck out of evil forces that are trying to take over the planet. This angle they use, shows another side to him and other powerful characters which is interesting and does make for a great storyline you might watch on ‘Neighbours’… But seriously, it would.

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As a fan that loves the franchise, I’m glad I saw this film but it’s definitely not a classic.

Captain America: The Winter Soldier for purchase here.

TRAIVIA COOKIE:  This is Robert Redford and Scarlett Johansson’s first film together since ‘The Horse Whisperer’, in 1998.

– Scott Niehus

REMUNCH: CGI is a fantastic tool for FilmMakers. George Miller understands that this is a tool only. The Marvel Cinematic Universe has far too often relied on CGI as its savior, and hence every action film/Marvel film post Fury Road is going to look cartoonish. Marvel and big budget films are very influential on culture, and hence worthy of FilmMunch attention, but it’s unfortunate at how wasteful, budget-wise, resource-wise, artistry-wise these productions often are.

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