FilmMunch is proud to introduce a new special guest, Scott Niehus. He is a movie lover and as such we welcome him to the blog world! We hope that he will be making regular appearances, stay tuned. Here is Scott’s review for Enter The Dragon: 

In his time, Bruce Lee was considered a superhero. He may have not worn a cape or shot lasers from his eyes. Instead, his work and legacy was based on his physical ability and an almost invincible structure. Along with all that, he was an expert martial artist, philosopher and filmmaker. He even created his own form of martial arts, Jeet Kune Do, which he called, “The art of fighting, without fighting.”

Enter The Dragon (1973) was directed by Bruce Lee and Robert Clouse, who’s known for other martial art films like, Bruce Lee’s Game of Death and Jackie Chan’s, The Big Brawl. They had a budget of $850,000 and grossed a massive $200 million worldwide. Tragically, Lee would never claim his fortune or see the premiere as he passed away 6 weeks before it hit the cinema.

Spoiler free movie clip:

enter the dragon still

Lee is approached by British Intelligence, who need his help posing as a competitor in a tournament, on an island, hosted by Han. The mission is to unravel Han’s involvement with opium, drug trafficking and prostitution. Lee takes the mission not only to help stop this evil but avenge his sisters suicide brought on by Han’s personal bodyguards. It’s now personal and he wants revenge. Han’s also an expert martial artist and has been training an army of Kung Fu masters to make sure his business is kept under wraps. Luckily, Lee meets some friends along the way, John Saxon and Jim Kelly. They may not be as good as Bruce Lee but, then again, who is? The three work together to shut it down.

jackie chan and bruce lee

It’s definitely entertaining, action packed and humourous. Most of all, it show cases Bruce Lee’s unbelievable human strength and charisma for his final performance. Not too mention the fight scenes, which are all choreographed by Bruce Lee. Known to many for having such an aura and wisdom about him, like no other. Being his last performance you soon start to realise the impact and influence one man had on the world, for many years to come.

enter the dragon still

This movie is one of my all time favourites. I’ll watch this movie at least once a year and reminisce on my younger years, practicing fly kicks in front of the TV, or play fighting with my mates on school holidays, taking turns, on who was Bruce Lee. These days, whether I’m watching Statham, Van Damne, Snipes, or Chan, I often think of Enter the Dragon and wonder how epic a film could’ve have been, if Lee worked alongside these big stars.

There will only be one Bruce Lee, for that reason, and to continue his legacy, Enter the Dragon is a must watch.

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TRIVIA COOKIE: Jackie Chan starred in Enter the Dragon as a stuntman and was ‘fortunate’ enough to cop an accidental whack from Bruce Lee. Lee was sooo sorry that he insisted Chan work with him from that day on. Sadly that would be Chan’s last chance to work with the megastar.