young boyhood


There are only 11 movies with a Metascore of 100, and Richard Linklater’s Boyhood is the latest one of them. From now on, most likely, you will see Boyhood on all sorts of ‘must see before you die’ lists, and it will be nominated for at least 1 oscar, and most likely win at least 1 oscar, if it doesn’t, I will remove this post from this site. Okay, now that i’ve written that, i’m having second doubts, but anyway, lets just see what happens…

It is fair to say that Boyhood is the biggest risk in cinema in at least 12 years. The project began in 2002, and even now, there are no legally binding contracts, in the US, that span for more than 7 years, so nobody who started with the project was able to make a legal commitment for the epic 12 year project. Plus there was no guarantee that all the players would be even alive till the end, in fact Richard had organised for Ethan Hawk (also a star in the movie), to take over the project in the event that he may die. That’s risk. Another example that highlights the risk, is the fact that Richard cast his own daughter for a role. Lorelei Linklater got the role because at the tender age of 7 she was ever so keen to become an actress, her father jokes that he gave in, to her insisting that she play the role. In the 3rd and 4th year of filming, she began to lose interest and she asked her father to kill her character off, but that doesn’t happen, she soon after regained her enthusiasm!

Does the risk pay off? Yes indeed. There is something in this film, that almost everybody will be able to relate to. Boyhood is raw, and honest. It is splendid and yet a simple representation of life. Please watch this movie in one sitting, yes it is long, but it will have its full effect if you enjoy the 165mins from beginning to end.

yo truck

There are so many great details about this film, one of my personal favourites, is the blue truck that Mason drives. It has only the letters ‘YO’ on the back. The Pizza Planet delivery truck in Toy Story 2 has the same letters, a nice tribute to Pixar’s Toy Story. I also think that what makes this film so viewable is that it has a host of references to popular culture and entertainment, music, movies and even video games, technology is ever so present in the film, to give us hints as to where we are in the boyhood timeline. A unique film. A must see. A must munch film.

vlcsnap-2015-01-10-18h24m37s43There is a final but elegant detail that touches me. The above still shows a note that young Mason receives from a girl named Nicole. If you haven’t seen the film, please stop reading now. I warned you, you’re still reading aren’t you? Anyway, at the very end of the film, the girl that older Mason is talking to, is also named Nicole. This is a beautiful detail, and because of the sentimentalist that I am, I want to believe that its the same Nicole. Is she? Thats a question for Richard to answer!

TRIVIA COOKIE: Originally Boyhood was going to be called ’12 Years’, but when 12 Years a Slave (2013) was released, Richard decided to change the name, so as not to cause confusion.