*********NOMINATED FOR 9 OSCARS*********

After watching Birdman, I became pensive. I like it when I get to munch on a film, that not only satisfies my inert desire to ‘eat’, but also when it stimulates my mind to thought.

We hear a lady scream out, as Birdman is on a roof top, “is this for real, or for a movie!” Bridman replies, “movie”, and then she exclaims, “you guys are full of sh#*!” She wasn’t part of the production by the way, but it happens to be one of the most comedic moments in the film. What she says is also very thought-provoking, because its indicating that some people have lost hope in the cinema art-form. In honesty, there are times that I am inclined to feel disheartened by some cinema productions, but thank goodness for directors like Alejandro González Iñárritu, who inspire to creativity! Birdman raises our hopes for the cinema art-form.

Do you sometimes feel like you want something more from what Hollywood constantly bombards us with? How do you feel about Super-hero movies? If you’re looking for a super-hero movie in Birdman, you won’t find it. Birdman is different in so many ways, it is fresh and new, but, it is not for everyone. I think that some people will watch it, and perhaps not fully know what the movie is about, or trying to achieve. Others will love it, and want to re-watch it again and again.

Birdman is about performances, and the entire cast delivers amazing performances. Michael Keaton is Birdman, and according to him, this was his most challenging role yet, because of how different the character of Riggan is to himself. Keaton delivers, what I believe, to be an oscar-nomination worthy performance. Edward Norton is fantastic, also oscar-nomination worthy. Everyone in this project delivers award worthy work.

Cinematography for Birdman in unique and ambitious. The film is going to become known for its, what looks to be, a continuos take. This calls for due credit to the editing of Birdman, it delivers art. The next element of beauty is the musical score. Unfortunately the score will not be up for an oscar, because the academy has actually ruled out the Birdman score as being a score! Booooo! Regardless, the composer Antonio Sanchez has created a score hybrid, called a drumming score. I love it, its fitting and creates an apt rhythm for the film.

the shining

Stanley Kubrik’s haunting and iconic, The Shining carpet, is replicated in the halls of the theatre in Birdman, and thats not the only references to pop culture in Birdman, in fact Iron Man, Spiderman, The Avengers, Transformers, X-men and even Family Guy, including more, all get a mention of some sort in Birdman. Director Alejandro González Iñárritu pokes clear fun at popular taste for super-heroes, but at the very same time makes use of that fact, to create a film that explores numerous deep issues, pertaining to love, family and creativity.

talk about love

Birdman has inspired me. I hope it inspires you too, I hope that you get to see what the Director is trying to express. Freedom of speech is a wonderful thing, lets use it, lets be free as a bird. Birdman will fly high, and will keep flying for a long time to come.

TRIVIA COOKIE: Alejandro González Iñárritu is Mexican, and speaks Spanish. “Amor” means love. The remaining letters in the opening credit sequence along with the title “Birdman” are “Amor”.