big hero 6


I love animation. I love CGI animation even more, and I love how far the technical aspect has come. When you watch Big Hero 6, and you see the ‘flyover’ shot of San Fransokyo, apart from the obvious fictional building structures, the actual city looks so real, that you really have to look twice to see if it’s animation or not. As time goes on its only going to get better, so let’s brace ourselves film munchers!

I want to take this opportunity to talk about the Disney Animation Triune, that’s what I call it anyway, let me explain. The Triune can be broken down into these 3 parts:

1. Disney Classic

2. Disney Pixar Fusion

3. Pixar

I’ve probably mentioned this before, but I’m a fan of Pixar, I love their work, and it may come as news to some, but Pixar was actually bought up by Disney a few years back. Initially I was saddened by this because I thought Disney would completely take over the Pixar empire, but I might be inclined to say, that perhaps the opposite might be happening, Pixar is taking over Disney, in the animation department, that is. Big Hero 6 is a Disney Pixar Fusion product, look closely at the credits and you will find a host of Pixar people working in various departments, its even Produced by John Lasseter, co-founder of Pixar. The resulting product is fantastic, and worth experiencing at the cinemas, its visually stunning, but it is also deep in emotion and it has a captivating story.

What is happening at Disney really excites me, the Pixar culture is really beginning to show. I honestly believe that Disney is entering into a new ‘golden age’, the Disney Pixar Fusion is its saviour.

Credit needs to be given to the Man Of Action team also. They are the original creators of the Big Hero 6 characters, who were created into the comic book media form in 1998. Man Of Action are a group of 4 comic book writers/animators and are most widely known for their long running animated TV show, Ben 10.

original big hero 6

original Big Hero 6 artwork

TRIVIA COOKIE: Pixar has included its usual ‘A113’ easter egg in Big Hero 6. The words “Project A113” can be seen on a whiteboard in the college scene. A113 refers to a classroom at California Institute of the Arts, many of whose alumni went on to work at Pixar, and it also appears in all of Pixar’s films.