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attack the block poster

John Boyega is a name you will be hearing often. His is the face you see first in the famous Star Wars : Episode VII – The Force Awakens teaser trailer. Exactly what role he plays in the film is unknown at this time, but I’m keen to see his performance.

john bodega the force awakens still

Attack The Block is a fun and at times scary movie, John Boyega leads a pack of gangster-wannabes in a battle to defend their apartment block, and their lives! I was particularly delighted to see this young talent, as he delivers a solid performance. His character evolves well in this 88minute action comedy sci-fi. He reminds me of a really young Denzel Washington, so it will be exciting to see how far he goes, he seems to have such potential. Interestingly enough John Boyega only found out about this role after he read an ad placed on-line. Fate!

Joe Cornish director to watch

Joe Cornish is another to watch here, this is basically his cinema directional debut, and he delivers what seems to be a low-budget extravaganza! He’s particularly known for writing, and is credited for the Story writing in the upcoming Marvel action movie Ant-Man. I’m particularly interested in seeing more of his directional pieces, he seems to be meticulous when it comes to detail.

joe cornish antman

Joe was mugged one evening by a group of 5 terrified teenagers, this motivated him to research their lives, and hence the idea for Attack The Block was born. He interviewed several teenagers to find out what weapons they would use if there was an alien invasion This no doubt provided inspiration for the films ‘weapons’. The ‘aliens’ themselves look very real, and that’s mainly because they are mostly real, not living real, but what I mean is that CG was only used when absolutely necessary. It’s a delight to watch, and the visuals for this film are very effective, you will be frightened.

Film Munchers, as John Boyega’s Moses would say, Allow It!

TRIVIA COOKIE: The primary shooting of this film tool place in 67 days, and even then director/writer Joe Cornish had to scrap about 15 pages of script due to budgetary constraints. I have a feeling that the film is of a good length!