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Ant-Man is the twelfth instalment in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and marks the conclusion of Phase 2. As entertaining as Ant-Man is, it does play it safe, sticking to the proven formula for a super-hero origin story. Ant-Man feels tiny in comparison to his big brothers and sisters, The Avengers.

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Paul Rudd did seem like an unusual choice to play Scott Lang, the third Ant-Man in the comics, but after watching the film, I can see why his casting makes sense. It’s actually great to see Paul Rudd in such a potentially powerful role, especially considering that Ant-Man is an Avenger in the comics, so chances are he will be joining some of the bigger ticket films. He is already confirmed to appear in Civil War. If you haven’t seen the film, there are two post credit scenes, so stick around. The first scene is about half way through the end credits, and the second scene is right at the very end of all the credits. The final scene is a nice tie-in for Civil War, so make sure you stay till the bitter end!

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As usual, this film is super-heavy in the digital animation department, along with motion capture techniques. Michael Douglas is the latest actor to receive the CGI royal treatment. The opening scene to this film introduces us to a 30 year or something younger version of Michael Douglas, who plays Hank Pym, the original Ant-Man. His youth is recreated using CGI and motion capture, it still looks fake, if you ask me, but it potentially opens up the doors for prequels and what not.

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There is a great supporting cast, and probably Michael Peña stands out as being the funniest addition to the team, who interestingly is signed on for three films in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, so I wander where we will see him again. For the most part, this film maintains a very light tone, and keeps it very family friendly. It’s a fun film to watch, but there isn’t much that made an impact, and in some parts, the ‘gags’ feel incomplete and flat. The action is ok, but not a great deal of originality is presented. With Marvel and Disney’s proven track record of 12 consecutive hits, I was honestly hoping for something more bold and daring. Perhaps the Edgar Wright’s version was just that, and with an introduction of a new character, that was too risky, so we have the Peyton Reed option, which is very formulaic.

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antman still

FilmMuncher’s, Ant-Man is barely worth munching on, but if you’re caught up in the happenings of the Marvel Cinematic Universe this is a nice ‘filler-episode’ to keep you interested. Snack value at most.

TRIVIA COOKIES: Paul Rudd purchased an ant farm, I guess to prepare for his role as the Ant-Man, and he’s basically fallen in love with the tiny creatures, so much so, that he is keeping the ant farm! He is their new leader after all.

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Every Marvel film in Phase Two has had one character lose a hand or arm. This is a direct nod to Star Wars. In line with that tradition, Ant-Man does indeed have this easter egg, although it is a more creative way to express it, it’s in there. Did you catch it?