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Clint Eastwood is a film making genius. He is even known to compose his own scores, along with writing, directing and who knows what else! His latest offering has earned him yet another Best Picture nomination. Has it caught the attention of the Academy solely because it is a good film, or are there other ‘external’ factors involved? I really want to think that there is no biased when movies are considered for awards, especially the ever prestigious Academy Awards. But of note is Seth Rogen’s tweet, “American Sniper kind of reminds me of the movie thats showing in the third act of Inglorious Bastards.” As a refresher, the movie he is talking about is a Nazi propaganda film about a sniper, so basically weather he admits it or not, he is comparing Clint Eastwood’s American Sniper to Nazi Propaganda. I am not going to label American Sniper as ‘propaganda’, but I will say that I felt that the film was extremely biased. It felt preachy to me. This made me feel uneasy…

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I think enough has been said about the real American Sniper, Chris Kyle, and enough has been said about the ‘fake baby’ scenes. But, freedom of speech is a good thing, so we can all make our own opinions about this film. I’m going to focus on elements of this film that I thought were noteworthy. Having said that, the fact that people are talking about this film is a good thing, and whenever a film can ignite discussion, it becomes important to our society and culture.

Bradley Cooper has been nominated for Best Actor in his portrayal of Chris Kyle, he gained about 40 pounds by eating over 8,000 calories a day and working out for four hours a day over several months. He also had twice-daily vocal lessons, and spent hours watching footage of Chris Kyle. I will not be surprised if he wins an Oscar for this role, but I think that it will be a sour win. There will be many saying that that it was a biased win, and people will be talking about race, politics and politics. This is a shame, because I do feel that Bradley Cooper can act, and his glory moment shouldn’t be over-shadowed by controversy. On the other hand he could lose, and Steve Carrell might take it, or Michael Keaton, or Eddie Redmayne, or Benedict Cumberbatch, they all equally deserve it, in my opinion.

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Clint’s score is subtle and apt, his use of Ennio Morricone’s, The Funeral is masterful, it was the point that made me feel. It made me feel sad that war is a fact, that death over politics, religion, and commodities are a fact. I wish that people would see American Sniper not as a movie glorifying war, but as a movie portraying the senselessness of war.

Best Editing, Best Sound Mixing, and Best Sound Editing, this film is worthy of such awards. Technically speaking, this is a good film, watch it for yourself to decide on the deeper issues explored here.

TRIVIA COOKIE: Clint Eastwood does a Hitchcock inspired cameo as an extra entering the church were Chris steals a pocket Bible.

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