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I am sure that one of the million ways to die in the west is by sitting through 116 minutes of Seth MacFarlane’s A Million Ways to Die in the West!

I’m going to start with some of the positives. Comedy westerns are few in number, I like the idea, and I guess when I saw the trailer for this, I thought that it could go both ways, and unfortunately it went towards the sour end of things. But, it was refreshing to see the West in a comedy setting, and I must admit that some shots of this film are rather picturesque, but the good ends there.



The bad and ugly parts of this film are many. The story is very shallow and does not merit a nearly 2 hour runtime. The gags seem repetitive and pointless. Yes, there are some funny bits, like the Emmet Brown cameo from Back to The Future, and a host of other cameo, too many to list them! I think that this film was too tightly controlled by the man himself, Seth MacFarlane, I mean, he wrote it, directed it and starred in it! Plus he is the main protagonist, so he knowns all the jokes, but maybe he knows them too well, because when he delivers them, well the laugh is short-lived and sometimes you just shake your head in dis-belief.


Perhaps watch this because of how bad it is. But seriously, its a touch exhausting! Liam Neeson is laughable, but perhaps the most entertaining is the performance by Giovanni Ribsi.

Film Munchers, if you’re keen on some quick fast food, then A Million Ways to Die in the West will suit, but be warned, you will not get those 2 hours back. Heck, you might love it!

Just in case you want to buy it.

TRIVIA COOKIE: Seth MacFarlane misses the mark, or the cans…SPOILER ALERT! Oops, too late…