the squint

Only ever receiving 1 award win and 1 award nomination, it makes you wander if awards really mean anything? I bring this up because, when most movie lovers look back and enjoy munching on some classic ‘spaghetti’ westerns, they most fondly look back at Sergio Leone’s, the Dollars Trilogy. A Fistful Of Dollars is the first instalment of said trilogy, and boy is it a visual and audio feast!

When the year came and went, that is, 1964, I don’t think that anybody would ever realise the impact that such a movie would make on the entire future of movies and all sorts of media, for that matter. Although, it is true that the most ‘significant’ instalment in the series, is undoubtedly the final, we must pause and really mull over the cultural significance of this 1964 masterpiece/classic/gem/model/touchstone.

At the time Clint Eastwood was about a decade into his acting career, and making a name for himself in a TV series by the name of Rawhide. The role for ‘the man with no name’, as the main protagonist is now, iconically referred to, was offered to a host of A-listers, but all declined. And through a long chain of, ‘”this guy might do it”s’, did it end up on the lap of Clint Eastwood. Can you imagine someone else in this role? I strongly believe that the impact made by this ambitious and methodical ‘nobody’ could not have been made by any other said A-listers in the same role. I believe this because Clint Eastwood took such an in-depth interest in creating this ‘no-name’ persona, that HE was the one who went out and bought HIS own ‘costume’ and HE was the one who even cut up HIS own cigars into three short pieces, which latter on became key in portraying this very character.

I feel such awe for the moviemaker Sergio Leone and for the composer of this movie, Ennio Morricone. If Sergio is the movie-making machine, Ennio is the fuel that drives it. Take the time to watch this movie, and pay close attention to the score, you’ll get what i’m talking about, take the time to watch this movie again, and pay close attention to every single camera angle, and you’ll realise that this movie is truly inspired by the movie making gods, and has a place in the canon of cinema.



TRIVIA COOKIE: Sergio Leone and Ennio Morricone knew each other since the 3rd grade. This film was the first of many projects they would eventually work on.