MINI REVIEW: Almost in celebration to the ending of the masterful and grandiose television series of the same name, Fargo, it was imperative that we revisit this classic and in true FilmMunch tradition, we are presenting seven iconic frames. Technically a dark/black comedy, crime thriller, it’s hard to coin a single term for this genre film. Bouncing from satirical in nature to plain comedy and then some mysterious suspense, evolving into brutal violence, the eventual sum is a classic due all reverence and worthy of being coined a masterpiece. As we look back, we may marvel, but in its release year, 1996, it claimed seven Oscar noms, and walked out with 2 wins, including Best Original Screenplay for the all too famous film making siblings. What makes this film so watchable is that each scene is essential to the development of the story, and in this sense The Coen Brother’s really are great story-tellers. It’s gripping, it’s funny and you want to find out what happens next in this somewhat twisted series of events. Is there a pay-off? Well, some argue that the joke is on us, the viewer, or that you’re left with a sense of empty, but all true art, is meant to be perspective in nature, and Fargo surely proves to be that, as you ponder on the radical nature of the supposed ‘true events’. True or not, Fargo is cinema at it’s best, and now that it’s universe has been expanded with three solid seasons of the TV show, what are you waiting for? With modern for it’s time camera angles and placements, this film is peppered with stunning imagery, creating a true cinematographic legend, and as such here are 7 stunning frames, enjoy!

1 Opening Mist

2 The Law You Shall Abide 

3 Wallpaper

4 Going Somewhere?

5 Forecast Is Blood

6 Marker

7 Aw Jeez