the hateful eight poster

MINI REVIEW: As much as I love the work of the masterful Quentin Tarantino, his notoriously controversial eighth film, is not one of my favourites, and yes, it does have it’s moments, but as a whole it is over drawn and lacks the humours flare of Pulp Fiction. It’s worthy to note the Ennio Morricone at the age of 87 was convinced, somehow, to come out of retirement and score this Tarantino offering. By doing so, he earned himself his very first Oscar win, and rightfully so, because the score to The Hateful Eight is brilliant indeed. Perhaps one of the movies high points is ‘the presidents letter’, a device the re-appears through out the film, almost in semblance to the all mysterious golden glowing suitcase in the aforementioned Quentin masterpiece.

Perhaps the major let down was the hype surrounding the fact that QT was using 70mm panavision film to record his eighth film, especially when it seems he only used this ultra wide format for some filler, scenic shots. Most of the film takes place inside Minnie’s Haberdashery, where the mystery unfolds, a set that does not, and I repeat, does not, require the ultra wide 70mm. Regardless, there are great moments of tension and scrumptious dialogue, paired with elegant orchestral sounds, make for gripping Quentin Tarantino entertainment.

There are some beautiful shots in this film, and as such we can not ignore these 7 stunning frame, so, enjoy!

1 Stagecoach Cometh


2 Horsing Around


3 Laying Out The Path


4 The Path Somewhere


5 Story Time


6 Coffee Anyone?


7 The Third Act Cometh