MINI REVIEW: As much as we may love Pixar, and all the amazing animation they have given us, every now and then, they present us with something like The Good Dinosaur, the So-So-Pixar. That doesn’t mean there isn’t a lot of greatness in this film, like the cinematography and the stunning photo realistic animation. When it comes to the story and the lack of character development this film does fall short. For some unusual reason it feels unfinished, almost as if there was way too much attention to detail in the environmental animation, that the script and characters got ignored.

The Good Dinosaur 2

Regardless, there is an amazing scene that takes place towards the end of the film, that illustrates the true genius of Pixar. They somehow came up with the idea of Jaws, inverted! You can not help but get chills up your spine when you see those ‘tails’ appear up above from the clouds, and that there is Spielberg-like genius!

The Good Dinosaur 1

The Good Dinosaur may be instantly forgettable, but it’s stunning animation and cinematography isn’t, so here are 7 beautiful movie stills, enjoy!

1 Farming Dinos


2 Fireflies 


3 Striking Loss


4 Observed 


5 Jaws Inverted


6 A New Day


7 Chills