elysium poster

MINI REVIEW: If you’re a fan of District 9, chances are you will not be a fan of Elysium. Regardless, it’s a creative movie and worthy of consideration, if only to marvel at the brilliant visuals and keep track of the evolving talent that is Neill Blomkamp.

Truth is Sharlto Copley played a massive part in making District 9 the classic that it already is, but as Kruger, in Elysium, he fails to convincingly play the part of a psychotic bounty hunter/secret agent/BBQ-cooking-extraordinaire. Feels like he should have played the role of Max, instead of the all to familiar Matt Damon. Some may argue that this role would have been too similar to his role as Wikus Van De Merwe, but this may have brought some believability to the movie and perhaps even, more importantly, heart. The fact that we did not see more of a bond between Max and Frey, also makes that final punch line, a lot less felt.

Elysium is a showcase of creativity in the sci-fi genre, and maybe because it treads lightly on the issues of segregation and racism, results in a movie that feels emotionless. Fret not, I am sure that the Alien franchise remains in good hands, District 9 is evidence of that. Watching Elysium, I couldn’t help but be amazed at how visually stunning it is, and as such I present you with seven stunning frames from this Neill Blomkamp offering, enjoy!

1 A New Earth


2 Land To Space


3 Industrial Beauty


4 Saviour Not


5 Destructive Bullet


6 The Leap


7 Justice On Board