MINI REVIEW: It’s always great to stumble upon a mysterious and somewhat nerve-racking thriller. Frank & Lola comes in the form of a romantic drama with a large splash of mystery and suspense. In fact, I lie when I say I stumbled across this film, because last year we had the opportunity to review a film by the name of Comet, which you can check out here. What impressed the most of that film was it’s unique cinematography, by Eric Koretz. Back then, our humble site got the attention of said cinematographer, and mentioned to us that his next project was in fact be the alleged Frank & Lola. So there, I confess, I was eagerly waiting for this film.

The cinematography found here, is one of the reasons that motivated me to start writing about movies again. It’s refreshing to be able to enjoy an independent film and find innovative ways of story telling. Not only is this film visually satisfying, but the story and character driven plot, really form an entertaining movie.

Michael Shannon must be given due credit for carrying the psychosexual nature of this film, his best performance yet, in my opinion. Imogen Poots too, delivers a mysterious performance, that leaves you wandering right till the very last frame. With almost cameo like appearances from Justin Long and Swedish cinema legend Michael Nyqvist, the only thing that could have made this film better was, one less plot twist. Mystery is welcome, but there is nothing more frustrating than not having that mystery solved. With an ending akin to Iranian cinema, this film will mostly likely aggravate the popcorn flick lover. For any lover of independent cinema, this is a must see film.

Let’s celebrate the great work done by Eric Koretz, with these seven stunning frames, enjoy!

1 New Love

2 Who is Who?

3 Not Seen or Heard

4 Shadow Of Doubt

5 Comfort of Love

6 Empty

7 Reflective Love