MINI REVIEW: Just to be clear, this is a closer look at the remake to the original, The Jungle Book, you know the live-action, heavy CGI affair from Jon Favreau. In short, this is a good movie. It strays little from the original version, but still manages to bring a lot of freshness to it. Treading lightly on environmental issues, and focusing of visual poetry, this is a very very watchable film, and as such it was hard to resist doing a 7 Frames article on this, latest, Disney live-action adaption. The CGI is on point. With a focus on photo-realism and the ever so coveted blend of real and animation. The Jungle Book achieves a seamless and effortless beauty, with all the animal characters looking so damn good, and might I be so bold as to say, realistic?

Introducing to the big screen is Neel Sethi as Mowgli, and boy, what an introduction he gets in this film! No doubt we will be seeing more of this young and fresh talent, because without a doubt, he solely carries the human element of this film, and with minimal dialogue at that. Then we have the voice talent from legendary Bill Murray and perhaps my favourite of all, Christopher Walken. The names roll on, celebrity-wise, in reference to the cast members, but stand out is Ben Kingsley as Bagheera. Not only a pleasure to watch, but a joy to listen to, The Jungle Book is a must-see film, it is a true achievement in the evolution of film, innovative. Here are 7 amazing frames from the film, enjoy!

1 Salvation By Tree

2 Tiger Cometh

3 Bear It

4 Mount Of Apes

5 The King

6 Fire Starts

7 Fire Giveth and Taketh