MINI REVIEW: With it’s engaging opening tracking shot, and emotional ride of a story, there is a clear understating why this film was not only nominated for Best Picture at the Oscars, but also took home the most prestigious award, although admittedly the circumstances where less than ideal. Even if your love of movies omits the so called Oscars, there is still good reason to check out this independent film by relatively new-comer Barry Jenkins. The film has a lot to say about life and love, in not so many words, but visually. When a movie is able to present ideas and beliefs mostly by means of visual representation, credit must be given to the power of cinema. The colours, the angles, the extended silences found in this film do make it a pleasure to watch. At the same time this film is very raw and at times very hard to watch, it is clearly a drama with very little glimmers of sweetness peppered throughout.

Moonlight is a story told with style and emotion. It is usually a big risk to portray one character with 3 different actors and at different ages, but Barry Jenkins makes the call effortlessly, resulting in a seamless picture. It’s subtle score and at times potent splashes of blue, really work to create a psychedelic atmosphere. To celebrate the stunning visual imagery of this most recent Best Picture winner, we are proud to present you with seven stunning frames, enjoy!

1 King Of Streets

2 Motherly Gaze

3 Guilty Realisation 

4 Fear

5 Enough Is Enough

6 A New King of Streets

7 Blue by Moonlight