MINI REVIEW: It’s really crazy to think that the very first Fast and Furious film came out over 15 years ago! It’s even crazier when you re-watch that high-energy, adrenaline pumping opening scene, and all of a sudden, you find yourself saying, ‘boy, this film has aged well!’ or not! I couldn’t help but be reminded of the iconic scene in Terminator 2: Judgement Day, when an actual helicopter flies under the overpass and is in pursuit of cinema icons, The Terminator, Sarah Conner and John Conner, as I watched 3 black Hondas with green neon lights take over the container full of antiques aka tube TVS and VHS players. The practical stunts and effects we see in The Fast and the Furious are what will make this film a classic, in fact some will already call it a classic.

More importantly is the cultural impact this film has had, who would have known, back then that it would eventually become the foundation for one of the most popular and successful franchises in cinema history. Yes, the script and entire premise is cheesy and far-fetched, and women are portrayed as objects, and so is Vin Diesel’s upper body, but for some reason, Dom and Brian shine forth as characters with heart, and we become truly interested in their fate!

Another surprisingly good element to this film is it’s cinematography, who we have Ericson Core to blame for, most recently known for his visually stunning work in the bleak Point Break remake. While we are on the subject of remakes, doesn’t this film remind you of the original Point Break? Regardless in usual FilmMunch tradition, we couldn’t help but showcase seven stunning frames from this cheesy yet iconic film, enjoy!

1 Under Antiques

2 Wheel And Foot

3 10 Second Car – No More

4 Italy Vs Japan

5 Film Noir

6 Vigilante

7 The Final Race