It’s hard to realise that 2015 is for the most part gone, and along with it came some really amazing films. There were some very popular films that were actually very good movies too, like Mad Max: Fury Road, Inside Out and the juggernaut that is Star Wars – Episode VII: The Force Awakens. But there were some ‘smaller’ films that may have gone unnoticed, so here is a list of 7 ‘must-see’ movies of 2015 that you probably may not have heard about, enjoy!

1 Slow West

slow west poster

Although this film did grow in popularity towards the latter part of the year, it was mostly forgotten after it’s Sundance release back in January. What makes it memorable is it’s lack of mercy, plus it’s a visual feast for any lover of incredible cinematography.

2 Kumiko, The Treasure Hunter


A quiet film, with a not so quiet ending. You may not know when to laugh or cry in this one.

3 The Wolfpack


This documentary makes you feel uneasy, and I am sure that everyone watching it will have different emotional reactions to it. With constant pop-culture references and the unbelievability of this story, it’s hard to imagine something like this would happen.

4 The Stanford Prison Experiment

the stanford prison experiment poster


How far will the human being go? This film is testing, and also presents some promising young acting talent.

5 The Nightmare

the nightmare poster.jpg


If you really want to be creeped out, this is a ‘documentary’ that will make you double check, when you’re in the dark.

6 The Tribe


So. This film is entirely in Ukrainian Sign Language, composed of only 34 shots, enough said. Plus an ending you might not see coming.

7 Heaven Knows What


Based on the novel by Arielle Holmes and also starring said author, this film is the closest thing to the real thing, in terms of the New Yorker Heroin addiction scene. It’s not an easy watch.