MINI REVIEW: I know that this is going to be blasphemy to some, but if you’re going to watch any of the second Star Wars trilogy films, in preparation for Episode 7, then The Revenge of the Sith is the only one you need to watch.

star wars episode 3 still

There are moments in this instalment where you forget that there were another two mediocre films that preceded it and you actually get involved, you get that sense of wander and even a little nostalgia. Particularly the segment where Anakin, in a physical, tangible sense, becomes Darth Vadar and the iconic helmet comes on for the first time. I must admit that my body can not help but generate innumerable amounts of goosebumps when this happens, so thank you George Lucas, for a moment there you redeemed yourself.


What also comes to the aid of Episode 3 is the fact that by this stage in the space time continuum, CGI was slightly more refined and as a result less distracting, although there is still way too much of it. The story set up is a lot more tense here, married with intense string notes, and the realisation of what we are witnessing, really makes this film enjoyable and entertaining, the least boring of the second three. And then there is the final battle sequence between Obi-Wan and Pre-Darth Vadar on Mustafar, which is awesome, but leaves you wanting, and I blame it on the part when they are LightSabering away on the CGI platforms and mostly CGI flowing river of lava, makes you exclaim, ‘yep, that’s totally real!’


Although heavily flawed, Episode 3 really amps the excitement levels for Episode 4! I thought I’s mention that at this point I am staying away from most things related to The Force Awakens, because of the risk associated with little things called spoilers, I suggest you do the same too.

Here are 7 interesting facts about Star Wars: Episode 3 – The Revenge of the Sith, enjoy!


1 George Lucas deliberately made the Darth Vadar suit disorienting to Hayden Christensen by adding weights to the helmet, therefore giving the appearance that he was not accustomed to it.


2 Samuel L. Jackson requested that his LightSaber be coloured purple so as to stand out during the larger action sequences, no doubt he had some pull, since he knew Lucas required him for the entire trilogy.


3 Not a single clone trooper helmet or costume was created for this film, they are all CGI.

star wars episode 3 still

4 The Wookiee costumes used for this production has a special cooling system that would pump cold water, so as to alleviate the actor inside. I bet Peter Mayhew was happy about this!


5 It is understood that General Grievous was constructed with the blood of a Jedi Master with a high midi-chlorian count, therefore being able to wield a LightSaber, or four, masterfully.


6 Peter Cushing was going to be resurrected for this film to reprise his role as Tarkin by using stock footage and CGI. The stock footage was deemed unusable, and hence that idea was scrapped. There is talk that this will indeed be happening for Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, the first Star Wars anthology film scheduled for next year.

tarkin star wars



7 According to Lucas, the colour palette of this film was inspired by Mark Rothko paintings.

Mark Rothko star wars

star wars episode 3 still