mission imposible 2 posterThe poster for Mission: Impossible II says it all. Clearly there is going to be a lot of fire and explosions. Although this is my least favourite of the series, there are some crazy impossible stunts, and some ‘meaningful’ pigeons, or not.

mission impossible 2 still

John Woo, director for this instalment introduces a very different style to the first film, using a lot of slow-motion and a lot of over-the-top action. It was John Woo who wanted to add ‘depth’ to the characters and deliver a film with more meaning. In an interview he expressed that he felt part 1 was missing these elements. Watching Mission: Impossible II, makes me wander what happened to that initial train of thought, because it does seems that any attempts to add depth and meaning, didn’t really make an impact. Rather we are presented with an extensive array of action, that ultimately proves forgettable.

mission impossible 2 still

Tom Cruise and Ving Rhames are the only two returning cast members and the focus isn’t really on the mission in this one, but rather it introduces a love interest into the mix. I enjoy watching a love interest develop in a film, but it just seems like the direction wasn’t clear on this one. Are we watching a romantic action spy thriller, or is it a romantic drama? Hence, the story elements of Mission: Impossible II fall short, plus I really didn’t feel the chemistry between Tom Cruise and Thandie Newton.

There are still some unbelievable stunts and ‘things’ that take place in this film, here are seven of them:

1. Tom Cruise’s Free Solo Climbing in Moab, Utah’s Dead Horse Point State Park
mission impossible 2 still

This scene is probably my favourite in the entire film, it’s fun and crazy. Although he did wear a harness, there was no safety net. He also tore his shoulder performing the crazy leap from one part of the cliff to the other. Plus the pairing of the song, Iko Iko with this visual feat is enough to get you up and dancing.

2. The Knife-To-The-EyeBall Stunt

mission impossible 2 stillThat is a real knife only a quarter-inch away from Tom Cruise’s eyeball. Enough said…

3. What Hollywood Seems To Do Best, Explosions

mission impossible 2 still

mission impossible 2 still

mission impossible 2 still

mission impossible 2 still

A lot of different things get blown up in this film.

4. Tom Cruise, The Leaping Master

mission impossible 2 still

mission impossible 2 stillTom Cruise’s mother is apparently an avid adrenaline junkie, which explains why he has no problem with jumping out of helicopters and buildings.

5. The Gun In Sand Stunt

mission impossible 2 stillThere is nobody in the universe that can kick a gun out of the sand, catch it in mid-air, make a 180 turn, dive to the ground and shoot the villain, except Tom Cruise.

6. Tom Cruise And Dougray Scott Hugging In The Air

mission impossible 2 stillSo, these guys are supposed to be enemies, but they hug whilst propelled from their motorcycles, which they willingly drove into each other. Right…

7. The Tom Cruise and Thandie Newton Joy Ride

mission impossible 2 stillThis is probably the most comedic stunt, involving a voluntary car chase. These two choose to flirt at high speeds, with expensive vehicles, whilst driving along some seriously dangerous roads.

Mission: Impossible II is not the franchise’s brightest moment, but it still has instances of entertainment. For more great movie lists, please check out ThatMomentIn.com!