1998 - Salvar al soldado Ryan - Saving Private Ryan USA

MINI REVIEW: War is horrific, and millions upon millions have lost their lives for it, a terrifying thought, to say the least. Most every one has been or is affected by it in some way. Watching Saving Private Ryan can be just too much for some, especially those who have experienced it firsthand. So vivid is the representation of war in this film, by the masterful Spielberg, that when the film first screened in the US, the Department of Veteran Affairs set up a hotline to help those that were troubled by the film. Credit to the masterful cinematography and editing, and all technical aspects to this film. Yes, it is hard to watch, but the fact that war is horrible, aside, this film is very much close to being perfect.

The opening sequence is something in cinema so memorable, that nothing like it since has been captured with such credibility. Perhaps The Revenant being the only film to come up with such a scary point of view and realistic style. Spielberg makes you feel like you are there and deliberately shocks us, by showing us the true horror that comes with war. His message is clear, war is ugly. He also wants us to feel the fellowship between this clan of brave and unique humans, brought together not by their choosing, but by chance, or perhaps destiny, to save one man, Private Ryan. No scene is wasted with frivolity, this is a serious film, and that is perhaps why some have chosen to only watch it once, because once is enough.

It goes without saying that the emotionally charged performances in this film really showcase the directing abilities of Steven Spielberg, being able to draw out the right emotions, fear, anger, confusion and perhaps even relief. With little to fault in this film, it is now regarded as a true classic, a scary but beautiful piece of art.

Our upcoming podcast will present you with the moment in Saving Private Ryan, but as a preparatory treat, we present you with 7 movie stills, which highlight the masterful way Spielberg has recreated the horror of war.

1 Normandy Waters


2 Beached


3 Sniper Vs Sniper


4 Loss


5 Painful Dusk


6 Hank Vs Tank


7 Private Ryan Saved