tin toy story

MINI REVIEW: Apart from always finding Billy to be a really creepy baby, this is another must see ShortFilm produced by the one and only Pixar. It’s amazing to think that this digitally animated short was released way back in 1988. With a runtime of just over five minutes, it plays a cute story about a toy and a baby. The animated landscape is taken to a new level, with a moving camera making the environment feel 3 dimensional. John Lasseter again delivers an entertaining and sweet tale told through a medium that he helped pioneer.



The significance of this short has motivated me to compile a list of 7 fascinating facts, enjoy!

1 Tin Toy was the short film that caught the attention of Disney. It was also the short film that worked to inspired Toy Story. 

toy story poster

2 Steve Jobs financed this project. Pixar was not generating much revenue, and John Lasseter’s dream of making digitally animated features seemed to be getting farther away. He pitched the idea of Tin Toy to Steve Jobs, who then also shared the vision for Pixar. The rest is history.

steve jobs and john lasseter pixar

3 Tin Toy was the very first digitally animated short film to win an Oscar for Best Animated Short Film. Tin Toy was also the very first Oscar win, of any kind, for Pixar. 

tin toy oscar win pixar

4 In 2003 Tin Toy was selected by the Library of Congres to be preserved in the US National Film Registry for it’s cultural, historical and aesthetic significance. 


5 This is Luxo Sr.’s first cameo, and Luxo Jr.’s second. See the frame on the wall? Who can not love Pixar’s easter eggs?


6 RenderMan is the software that Pixar uses to render it’s images. The logo is seen here on the corner of the shopping bag. 


7 When Tin Toy was first screened, it was not complete. The short ended in a cliff hanger, when Tinny watches through the plastic of his own box, and he sees a distorted Billy. Regardless of the project not being complete, the audience gave it a standing ovation at SIGGRAPH in Atlanta of 1988. 

tin toy still

Tin Toy is Available on iTunes here.