The second half of the year is about to tick over, and this can only signify one thing for all you cinephiles out there, great movies! We have had an arguably lacklustre array of pop-corn flicks for the first half of the year, and i’m sure there are more to come, but as we approach award season, expect to see a ramp-up in the calibre of films, exciting! Here are 4 upcoming films, that well, must be seen. Coming to a cinema near you in July 2017.

1 Santoalla

Documentaries play an essential part of film innovation, and as such it is fitting that we get ‘educated’ with this mysterious crime thriller, true life, story found in Santoalla. The trailer is not enough to get you hyped, per sé, but there is a sense of curiosity, aroused within, plus, just read the synopsis on this one! No doubt this will be a hidden-gem, you know, one of those films that nobody ever gets to hear about, but is sooo good!

2 Lady Macbeth

So, this film is called Lady Macbeth, or as the poster states, The Young Lady, that’s just the French version of the poster, anything with French on it, is cool, right? Directional debut’s are key to the progression of cinema, it is the beginning of what is to come, the future. Typically debut’s are raw and pure, untainted by the commercialism of movies. Watch the trailer, this is going to be an interesting one for sure!

3 Dunkirk

Frankly, as soon as you see the name Christopher Nolan on this poster, it’s hard not to get excited. There is a lot to live up to, when it comes to a ‘war’ flick, but in Nolan we trust. Personally, i’ve been waiting so long for this project, so the fact we are so close to it’s release is enough to get me re-watching previous Nolan projects, in preparation perhaps?

4 Atomic Blonde

Being coined as the blonde version of Keanu Reeve’s John Wick, this looks like it’s going to be a mad action genre film, with the action keen Charlize Theron. Probably going to be a pop-corn flick, but she has been known to give a bloody good performance. Bring on the action!