The history for video games to film adaptions, has not been that stellar, in fact for a while they developed a bad reputation, just think about Super Mario Brothers, and you kind of know what I am talking about. But, the future does look positive, and it does seem that now is the time for these tricky beasts to flourish. What do you think?

As much, if not more energy goes into writing, design and even playing video games. For more information regarding video games please check out our post regarding an intriguing Kickstarter documentary here. What makes games so engaging is the ability to take charge and manipulate the entertaining source to your manner, and perhaps that has been the missing link between the video game becoming a good movie. There is talk about new methods of perhaps combining these two mediums, but that is still far off. Regardless, 2016 could be the year of at least 3 very good movies, that may replenish our confidence in these adaptions.

1 Angry Birds

angry birds trailer

Rovio released this game in 2009, shortly after the App Store had opened up. The first format this game was released meant it could only be played on an iOS device, and with less then a year of it’s release date, it had sold 12 million copies, not bad for a mobile phone game right!? It wasn’t long after that it evolved into the juggernaut franchise that it is now, so much so that it may very well be the very first good video game to movie adaption this year. It’s going to be a favourite for families, for sure. Check out the trailer if you haven’t already:

2 Warcraft

warcraft poster

This is a game with a lot more legacy behind it, with it’s initial release being way back in 1994, when you need an ultra powerful computer to run it. I am certain there are a lot of true hardcore fans that may be dreading the release of this film, and here is to hoping they are not disappointed. It’s a game that players take seriously, so fingers crossed the film makers have also taken the mammoth task seriously. Expect to see Warcraft 2 and Warcraft 3, which will most likely only go ahead, based on the critical and financial success of the first instalment. Check out the most recent trailer, and listen out for the unusual dubstep track layered on top of it:

3 Assassin’s Creed

assassins creed poster

This is perhaps the project we are most excited about! Justin Kurzel is directing this film, and non other than ultra talented actor, Michael Fassbender is playing the lead, so what could go wrong!? Assassin’s Creed’ history spans back only a year earlier to Angry Birds, and was released as a full game on Playstation, Xbox and Windows, shortly thereafter there we portable versions of the game released. With a lot of emphasis of the free roaming ability of the game, and insanely awesome stunt work, there is a lot to live up to. This film will have wide appeal, but I hope it doesn’t land a PG rating, because that would signify the director was perhaps forced to hold back. We have a few months to wait for this film yet, and we haven’t even seen a trailer yet, so stay tuned! What game would you like to see adapted into a movie? Here is a little something to get you excited about the possibilities of a good Assassin’s Creed movie: