— 2 guns —

2 guns poster

Denzel Washington and Mark Wahlberg together is a delight to watch, and all their ‘made-up on the spot’ dialogue is graciously entertaining to watch and hear. Having said that, this film has maybe one to many twists and turns, that make it feel more busy than what it really is.

denzel washington and mark wahlberg in 2 guns

It is perhaps the performance of these two that hold the movie for its entire 109 minutes. There is a bunch of scenes that don’t seem to add anything to the story, why did the director feel that it was necessary to blow up some chicken heads? Was this supposed to metaphorically symbolise something? Anybody enlighten me, please?

As Denzel and Mark improvise, it seems that so does the Director, Baltasar Kormákur, in an attempt to save his action blockbuster. The good guys and the bad guys switch roles back and forth, to the point where you feel lost and lose interest, by the closing scene you feel glad that it’s all over. Or, you’ll be cheering this pair on, and praying they come back together as a bad-ass team of bad-guy-busters.

2 guns on set

Enough said Film Munchers, 2 Guns is nothing more than just another action movie with very little depth. The first 20minutes feel like a gourmet offering, but then the chef struggles to present anything else inspiring.

TRIVIA COOKIE: In some countries this movie was released as 2 Lethal Weapons. I’m glad that the English name wasn’t that, it would have caused way too much confusion!